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Review of Holiday Half Marathon by gavini

Posted by: on February, 27 2012

i think the course is pretty, although quiet and a little hilly, some of my friends found it boring and some of those hills are a little nasty, one in particular around mile 9 or 10 is steep so i gave the course a B as a result. it is a beautiful park and you get some nice views at times, and i PR’d here during its inaugural running so it has a warm place in my heart as a result. the next year, however, it got hot and dry out and i died.
kind of a long walk from the parking area to the start finish but not that big a deal really
it is at the LA County fair grounds
i have done it 2 of the 3 years it has been around and one year they had free massage set up, a beer garden and good post race goodies, the second year they changed the set up a bit and it was still good just not great at the finish line.
medal is one of the cooler ones i have seen and the shirt has been good too, playing off the holiday theme