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Review of Holiday Half Marathon by

Posted by: on December, 16 2013

Ran this race on Sunday. I loved everything about it. And rather repeat everything Scott said in his review, I would second his thoughts and observations.

I, too, went the day before, just to make sure I knew where I was going, etc. If you feel the need to go the day before, sign up for the 5K, and enjoy the run.

My only negative was with the “LA school students that were running”. I am a slow runner, and was definitely overwhelmed by all the students as they weaved their way thru us ‘back of the packers’. While I am all for them running and participating, I wish their coaches would teach them a little runner etiquette. As a suggestion, the RD could start the runners at 7:30am and the students at 9am. That might help space things out better.

Overall, this is a race I would highly recommend.