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Review of HITS Triathlon Series by Jnguyen

Posted by: on April, 2 2012

I completed the 1/2 distance race at their inaugural race and will probably do it again this year. Its a great course although a little lonely for that distance. The swim was extremely cold in Lake Cahuilla, but the water was clean and it was very easy to sight. The bike was very scenic and definitely the highlight of the course. The run was long by about 1/2 mile but it was flat and like I said before it was lonely.

The pre-race expo wasn’t all that. A handful of vendors and not much else. Post race I was really looking forward to something warm to eat considering how cold it was but it ended up being donuts and pastries from the grocery store.

Other than that, the course was well marked and the volunteers were great. It was definitely overall a fun experience and I will probably do it again this year. I hope they stick around and continue to improve on their races.