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Review of Hero Rush by Joseph Farrar

Posted by: on July, 6 2012

Unlike Steve. I actually had a great time at the Hero Rush. I too have done other obstacle events but lets consider something. This is after all their first year. I think this was their 5th race too.

I was bummed there was no zipline, but they said that was due to the fact that they are still working on getting the obstacle stable. I cannot fault them because I would rather it be safe then unsafe.

Local mud runs do nothing like Hero Rush. When have you ever done an obstacle like Towering Inferno? Hoarders Hell? Mazed and Confused? Fire on 14?

Great race. Great Course. Great Obstacles.

Regarding post race. I got some water. Food was definitely more expensive then I expected but the $5 from Hero Rush was nice. So you don’t get a free beer, not bummed about that, especially because the website states everything you get. Additionally, the website states that all courses will be different so how is it false advertising? It isn’t.

The bag check wasn’t extremely close to the midway. However, there was a bathroom inside the room where bag check was. I used that to change in.

Additionally, if you don’t go as a team, there are plenty of people to meet and talk to at the race. No one ask me where I was a firefighter. We all just had a great time. I ran in the 8:30 competitive wave because competitive is always fun, less people, and more competition.

Overall I was impressed with the race knowing that it is the first year they have embarked on this. There are plenty of other races that I have done that were mediocre at best. Keep it up Hero Rush, can’t wait for next year.