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Review of Hero Rush by ffhellokitty

Posted by: on May, 28 2012

I had the privilege of preview the day before and running the 343 wave in April at the FIRST EVER Hero Rush! I LOVE the fact that you can race with all levels of competitors and get a great workout/challenge! Several obstacles allow you to do a more challenging (Spartan Race/Tough Mudder fans) or a less challenging way (Warrior Dash/Run A Muck fans) to get thru the obstacle! I love this! It allows you to bring friends/family of all calibers! I have run numerous events USMC Mudrun in South Carolina (requiring teams), Warrior Dash, Run A Muck, Rugged Maniac and many more and this race BY FAR was the most DIVERSE!

Hero Rush is great for families, singles etc! It isn’t all about the drinking at the end, everyone is friendly, you make so many new friends, it is for an amazing cause. There is some mud and slimy goo yet you finish feeling pretty clean and not trashing your car! WHICH, I LOVE mudruns, don’t get me wrong but this is very refreshing not having to wait in line to get a shower. You can take your time to get food and drinks and space out your time without being completely covered in sludge, that takes a week to clean out lol.

The obstacles are spaced out very nicely, it doesn’t feel much like a running race, there is almost always an obstacle just around the bend. The obstacles are unlike any other that you will encounter at other races and very well thought out!

If you like obstacle course races Hero Rush is well worth adding to your list of MUST DO races and CANNOT be substituted by another mudrun! I am adding Hero Rush to my calendar as a must do at least once a year! I am hoping to gather up friends from different states and visit and run the race together!

The loot you get it quality too! Parking and registration and communication online and at the event were exemplary!!! I wish I could run them in every state and plan too!