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Review of Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon by Cycle Pathic

Posted by: on February, 28 2012

This was a great event, from packet pickup to post-lunch the best part of this event was its simplicity. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to participate in an event where there is soo much going on. I completely adored the wick tech tee from InkBurn & the medal as big as the palm of my hand. Another event in my backyard that I had to be a part of, my 2nd 1/2 marathon but my 1st trail 1/2 marathon & the course proved its difficulty when I had to stop to regain feeling in my quads. The view was amazing, out of all 20 years in Los Angeles I’ve never been able to see so far into the coast (to Catalina Islands) from anywhere past DTLA. La Cañada was also very visible from the San Fer Valley to about San Dimas. Gorgeous! I PR’d in this event but not with my expected time, I underestimated those hills.
At the end of the event Subway sandwhiches, GUs, and assorted snacks & refreshments were being served. I can’t wait for the 2012 event, I wonder what they will have in store.