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Review of Great Race of Agoura Hills by

Posted by: on May, 1 2013

This was my first time running this race (2013). I ran the Cheseboro Half, as my first trail run. Parking was easy to get to, but my friend and I arrived early because we needed to pick up our bibs. The course was nice and challenging. It was a bit tricky getting around some people on the narrower parts of the trail, and even more so when it was a single file. But then again, this being my first trail run, I didn’t know what to expect. It was GREAT to finally get to the top and to have to go back down again.
I had been training hills prior to this race, and it still kicked my butt! But it was a lot of fun. Definitely more interesting than a road race, that’s for sure.
The post-race was great. Lots of free goodies, although the line for pancakes was way too long by the time we realized where it was.
I would totally run this race again!