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Review of Great Race of Agoura Hills by

Posted by: on March, 24 2014

This was my first time running the Great Race of Agoura. I decided to make it my first trail race and went with the Chesebro Half Marathon. After some initial second thought and almost switching to the Pacific Half Marathon I’m so glad I stuck with the Chesebro.
Pre Race Packet Pick-Up was great. Picked up my packet on Friday and was in and out in about 5 minutes. The way they have the pick-up for the different races is great and makes everything go incredibly smooth.
Course: LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!!! I’ve done about 25 half marathons and this was my first trail race (not counting the Pendleton Mud Run). I think the trails really suit me. The race starts on the streets of Agoura for about 3 miles and then the trails start off kind of flat which is a good thing. At about mile 5 1/2 the trails start getting a bit more challenging. I give so much credit to anybody who can run this entire course and not have to walk up any of the hills.
Post Race: Unfortunately I was a bit slower than I anticipated (although for this course I was more than happy with my time) and by the time I finished they didn’t have any medals for the Chesebro. Turns out only the ribbons are different and others were offered a Pacific Half Medal with the ribbon. Normally this would have greatly upset me but it isn’t about the medal, it was about the challenge. I was able to borrow a medal from another finisher and get a post-race picture. Race organizers have already addressed the issue and I’m hoping I’ll have my medal soon to add to my collection.
I already look forward to being back in 2015 and I’m hoping to put in a bit more trail work prior to next years race although it’s looking like it will only be 1 week after the Los Angeles Marathon.