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Review of Girls On The Go – San Diego by

Posted by: on May, 13 2013

I ran the Girls on the Go Half Marathon this weekend with my wife. I had previously ran the Women’s half so I was expecting it to be a different type of race since it is an all female race. However, as a race in general I found this one lacking. The course was a loop, which is fine considering cost issues and coordination issues, but the direction on the course was not laid out as well as it could have been. There definitely needed to be a longer break between the half marathon runners who had to take the loop and the 10k/5k runners who came later. Many of the faster runners were having to fight their way through the walkers to maintain pace. Also once the race hit the open paths along the pay there was not enough volunteers to help make sure that racers were not being blocked by the public. We were dodging people just out for a saturday stroll as well as bicycles, pets and strollers. It definitely led to more confusion and frustration than necessary. The finish line area was pretty nice with vendors being generous with samples. The medal also ended up being pretty nice. I hope next year they are able to smooth out the logistic issues because it’s always nice to have more races in San Diego!