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Review of Girls On The Go – San Diego by

Posted by: on May, 13 2013

This was my 1st experience with GOTG. There were lack of signs when I arrived, but it was before 6. I picked up my bib Saturday morning and it was very quick. they even opened before 6 am. 12 pot-o-potties in parking lot, but lines were not organized well due to placement in rows. Park potties had way longer lines. Race started on time. Course was nice, squishy at times, and seemed to lack signage at loops. No water (other than park drinking fountains) between miles 8 (gatorade only) and 11 (water only). It was humid, so I stopped at 2 drinking fountains, drank too much, and needed to walk off my cramp. Post race food was banana, water and half bagel. Tech tanks are cute and actually fit big chested ladies. Medal was the same for everyone except half marathon finishers say 13.1. Fun race, not too crowded. Last few miles were spent zigzagging around people in park. No traffic when leaving. All in all a nice, small race.