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Review of Gator Run by yeskaone

Posted by: on April, 16 2012

The Gator Run is one of my favorite small runs! Not only is this race fast & flat, but it really brings the community together. This is a great run for families as well as singles. I usually do the 10K which is just two loops instead of the one loop for the 5K, but this year pregnancy has decreased my running distances. The race is not crowded so there is plenty of room to run or walk, this would actually be an ideal run for beginners or seasoned runners looking to PR. I love that there is plenty of water and nutrition pre and post race. The only reason I gave the Post-race a B grade was because if you are waiting on the Awards ceremony, you might be there for a while. The support is great and there is plenty of police presence to keep all the runners very safe. This is the 4th year I have ran this race and I will continue to run it every year and encourage others to do so also!