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Review of Fontana Days Run by ctljason

Posted by: on June, 3 2012

I had a great time running this race. Packet pick up was available both the day before and the morning of so it was very easy to get through the line. The fitness expo that accompanied the race was also set up both days, although not all booths were open on Friday. There was some good information. I learned about a few other half and full marathons and got my body fat measured, wasn’t sure I wanted to know that one. The morning of the race I was surprised to see how easy it was to park. There were several busses waiting to take runners up to the starting line. Before we got off the bus one of the organizers reminded everyone to go the bathroom early because last year the race started with people still in line for Porto potties and that there were more on the route, great heads up if you ask me. The run coming out of Lytle Creek was beautiful, it was hard not to take your eyes off the road ahead to look around every once in awhile. There were plenty of water stations set up starting at two miles. I think the first station was not ready for runners to start running by because they were handing out full water bottle as opposed to just cups of water, so a lot of half and mostly full bottles were wasted. Sad. Gatorade was available at some stations. It wasn’t until the last three miles that I started to feel the heat, but that is because I’m not the fastest runner, I prefer mud runs to straight runs. The winner finished an hour before I did. At the end of the race bags of orange slices, half a banana, a granola bar, and a water were given out. At the fitness expo you could get a free massage, and a free souvenir picture. There were two food trucks set up but they weren’t getting much business. I guess people weren’t ready to eat burgers or pastrami after running that far. I bought a sandwich, but took it home.
There are a few things I think can be done for improvement but they are small. For the actual race, start it a half hour to an hour earlier for the slower runners to avoid the heat, have a louder bull horn or PA system set up at the start line, and have a hype man getting everyone warmed up and psyched before the start. After the race offer more food truck options, not everyone can eat heavy food after running. Also, a band keeps more people around than a DJ.
All in all, I had a really good time at the Fontana Days Run and I definitely plan on doing it again next year.