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Review of Endure The Bear Trail Run by

Posted by: on September, 10 2013

Remember, this is a trail run and they do not have all the frills of a marathon or half marathon races. They are for the true running fanatics, LIKE ME. So, there are not a whole lot of vendors to speak of. I think there were 3 or 4. The setting is perfect for this kind of race. The mountains are beautiful and the trails are well marked with plenty of support stations. The weather was cool and a relief from all the hot weather we have had lately. I really enjoyed myself. I have to admit though, this has got to be the hardest trail run I have seen.The first 3 miles is all up hill. It would be nice if they could have posted an elevation chart. After that initial climb, it is all rolling hills with a down hill to the finish. The race field was really small, but the crowd was very friendly. I really like the fact that they have something for everyone 5K, 15K, 30K, and 50K. That way I was able to do this with many of my friends that really do not want (or can’t) do a long run. Good times. I will be back next year, but I will have more hill training under my belt and better prepared.