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Review of Electric Run – San Diego by

Posted by: on August, 26 2013

I was really glad that I got a living social deal for this race and only spent $25 on it.

Packet pick up was a real pain due to being in a tiny section of parking lot and the staff was rude. Other runners were not too stellar either as there was actual fighting over parking spots…by people who run miles in their free time.

Race day parking was crazy. The traffic to get to the race was obscene. I think everyone was trying to get there early all at once. Once we parked we ended up moving like slow cattle to a looooong line where a loud speaker was blasting something and it was basically a mosh pit. Once the race started it slugged forward and would suddenly halt as people moved up clumsily.

The Electric Run promised a mind blowing experience full of cool effects and music. I was definitely disappointed as it was literally patches of lighting with dark empty space between. Emphasis on the dark, on a track, with pot holes everywhere. It’s suprising that no one was hurt (or maybe someone was, I didn’t stick around long to see.) The parts that were lit were cool but short lived then back to dark dirt.

The swag was neat. I actually still use the little light bracelet they gave out. It works really well as a signal for early morning or night running. The shirt is generic and nothing amazing.

The post race party was alright. I didn’t see much for water but they had Coconut water and they were nice to give that out. Otherwise it was a bunch of expensive vendors trying to sell light up hats and sweatshirts for ridiculous prices…

I would recommend this race again for the crowd that seemed to enjoy it most. The drunk and high people. If you are a serious runner but looking for a fun run to goof around with you can do better night runs. This was aggravating and almost dangerous as drunk people are literally crashing into you without notice.