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Review of Electric Run – Orange County by jess2310

Posted by: on December, 1 2012

This is will be my first and last Electric Run, given the price ($55) and the great looking pictures online I was expecting to have my mind blown. This event was a let-down for my group and I, but kudos to the people who got creative and went all out with their costumes!

PRE-RACE: Packet Pick-Up SUCKED! The email that was sent out stated that we pickup our packets on either Wednesday or Thursday before the race OR pay $5 to pick it up at the race, coming from a big group, I just decided to pick it up for everyone instead of having everyone pay the additional $5. After picking up the packets, they sent out another email saying that we can pick up our packets at the race for free. Make up your mind people! waste of my time! People work during the weekdays, LA traffic sucks, especially during the rain! I live in Pasadena, and took about 2 hours just to get to Torrance.

COURSE: When I first got to the Fairgrounds, I was pretty ecstatic seeing everyone in some of the coolest costumes, we got to the starting line and the MC was good, he got us hyped up. Once we went past that starting line, it went all down hill from there. The course was hard to run because there were glowsticks everywhere, mud, puddles of water, and I felt like I was dodging giant air balloon balls the whole time from people kicking them around. The lighting and the decorations were so bad! A tree with hanging upside down umbrellas??? what a joke. The water station with neon plastic cups looked cool at first but became hazardous when people threw them on the ground, and others stepping on them causing shards of plastic to fly everywhere. This was not a serious race, actually not even a race at all, this event is not timed nor do you receive a medal at the end. it’s something more for the family to enjoy, there were a lot of kids and strollers.

Overall Electric Run was a waste of time, money, and effort. There were 10,000 people,and all that money that they had received did not go to any good causes, so I expected them to dish out something spectacular!