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Review of Electric Run – Orange County by

Posted by: on November, 26 2013

As with all races it seems there are always an extra fee. So you do these types of runs on a regular basis, you are already used to it. I actually don’t mind the extra $5 fee to be able to pick up the race packet the day of versus not having that option at all. Saves gas money for me and hours of being stuck on the freeway to spend 5 minutes to pick up a race packet.
Race day pick up was very easy. Lots of people to help check you in. Merchandise was easy to go through. Volunteers were as helpful as they could be. Remember people, volunteers are there for a few hours, they don’t know everything there is to know about the run, but they do their best and they were very nice.
Getting to the start line was easy. They tossed out many give away items before each wave left. It was very family friendly, which was great! This was the first time I have taken my young children to a night run and they are hooked. They can’t wait to do another Electric Run.
I was very impressed there were so many areas you could stop and take pictures. The amount of themed areas were awesome.
The route was easy and even in the dark areas, you could here music and see the illumination from the next area.
At the finish line volunteers handed out granola bars. It was nice to have vendors selling food and drinks at the post party.
The post party was lively and looked as if everyone was having a good time and again they tossed out countless amounts of goodies to the crowd.