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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by Jessica Chance

Posted by: on September, 3 2012

In true Disney Fashion, this was a success. The course was good, a little cramped coming in and out of the parks but they did the best with what they have. The staff was excellent. Good attitudes and the runner support is great. Lot of water stops and course entertainment. Cooling towels are awesome and they kept the ice packs coming for the treatment centers after the race. Lines were pretty long for the massage or trophy engraving but I guess that is expected.

The one thing I think could be better planned is the shuttle drop off and pick ups. We run at the Hotel side of the park yet have to walk all the way back through Downtown Disney and then get searched and go back through the entrance to the parks and then to the shuttle stops after we have run for 13.1 miles. It is kind of crummy but not enough to keep me from going back and doing it again…and again…and again.