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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by GardenPedal

Posted by: on September, 3 2012

My husband and I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon yesterday. Well, ran is not quite the right word. We could NOT run at all in places because the course would funnel from wide open to very narrow and there were so many walkers. I am sure we ran more than 13.1 miles just dodging in and out of people. It was fun to run through Disneyland, but that part of the course was very short compared to how much running you do on the streets around Anaheim. We did run through the parking lot at the Honda Center, which took us to the bike path on the Santa Ana River Trail where we had to dodge bicyclists coming at us in the opposite directions – YIKES! The best part of the run was through Anaheim Stadium…again, I mean slow jog/walk because of so many walkers. The signage for the mileage was AWESOME. There was no double guessing how many miles you had run if you didn’t have a watch that measures distance. I carry my own water and nutrition, but there were plenty of water stations along the route, several of which had Powerade. One station had Cliff shots. The finish line was well organized, but there was NO shady place at the end for finishers to stand and have their pre-packaged assortment of food. (Oh, how I missed those orange slices and bagels). I did find one shady spot near the back of one of the gear tents, but when we went to stand there we were told that NO one could be in that area, so we took our stuff and quickly left – it was TOO hot out in the sun! The price is high for this race and then Disneyland charges $15 for parking on race day. They did not charge for parking on packet pickup/expo day. We wondered why they just don’t give you parking, or add a little more on to the race price and make parking part of the package. For all the other nice 1/2 marathon races out there that are WAY less expensive, I’d say this event is a one-time deal, just to say you have done it.