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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by

Posted by: on November, 5 2013

This was my first year running Disney and I was surprised by so many things.

The Expo: Geez that was insane. Parking was nightmare and the line to get the expo was just unreal. Picking up my bib was easy but trying to get around the expo was nightmare. I have never seen anything so insane before. The tech shirts were HUGE I mean HUGE and the line for shirt exchange was HUGE. I normally wear a medium and had to exchange for a small which is still too big. I gave up the expo went to lunch in downtown Disney and came back when the crowds died down around 3pm so I could at least see what the expo had to offer. They had lots of vendors and neat hings to see.

Race Day: After seeing the insane crowds at the expos I arrives 1 and 1/2 hours early for the race. Parking was super breezy and we headed straight for our corral. I looked behind me as it got closer to starting time and it was just a mass sea of people. I was near the front D corral which didn’t seem to bad. They put on a great show before the start with fireworks which I really enjoyed.

The course: The first part of course for the half marathon goes outside and then into the park. Wow, that was awesome. We took out time and stopped for pictures. The lines for characters went quick. I have been to Disneyland so many times before but I am always amazed at how much more of everything I see and notice while I am running. Then course then went onto the streets of Anaheim. Course support was just amazing. So many dancers, bands, water, food, spectators with signs it was just unreal. They had a car club with old cars lining the not exciting parts of the course and they were a lot of fun to look at. I was in awe when we ran inside Angels stadium, I think that may have been my favorite part.

It was very hot that day and even in the early morning hours nearing the high 90’s. This awesome lady with ice cold water in a chest with squeezing a sponge full on runners. It was so nice and she was even handing out Twizzlers!

The finish line really was amazing. They called of the runners names as you crossed and the medal is still the biggest one I have ever earned. They handed out little gourmet looking boxes stuffed with goodies and ice cold water. which was great. I can’t even begin to tell you how easy gear check was for both drop off and pick up.

It seemed like a lot of people stayed for an after party or to eat in downtown Disney I went home because it was hot and smelled bad. Getting out of parking was surprising easy too 🙂

I will defiantly run Disney again I am just hoping for a better expo experience next time.