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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by

Posted by: on September, 8 2013

Review for Disney Dumbo Dare

Packet Pick up – I stayed at a near by hotel (Marriott Anaheim) so we didn’t have to deal with parking. Our hotel offered a free shuttle for race participants, and for family and friends they had to pay so we walked over to the Toy Story Parking Lot and caught the shuttle there since it was free.

I went to the expo the last 1.5 hours so packet pick up was very easy. Absolutely no lines for bib pick up and t shirt pick up. I had to exchange my t shirts and there were only about 10 people or less ahead of me.

I heard the expo was madness earlier so glad I went later because everything ran smoothly and was able to see everything and buy Run Disney stuff with no stress.

10k – I dreaded the early start, but trust me you will be thankful later. It gets very hot there early so glad it started early.

I took the free shuttle from our hotel (again saving a headache for parking) and got dropped off where the public buses drop off for the Disney parks so to get to the start line we had to walk past the Disney park entrances and through downtown Disney which was a good little warm up.

Corral Starts – Very confusing and disorganized. They told people to arrive 30 min earlier at the latest but all that did was have people squish like sardines until the start. No one really knew where to go until about 10 minutes before start they finally had us go to the corral starts but that was still a mess anyway.

Race – the race was pretty good. The first 2 miles were outside of the park, and after that we went through CA Adventure then over to Disneyland. They had some floats that you can take pictures with which was pretty neat. It was more a fun run. They had a good amount of characters out, but all had long lines so this race was not a PR type race.

Post Race – Loved my alice in wonderland medal 🙂 at the end they had water and snacks available as well as a place to take pictures and reunion spot.

Again glad it started early because it got hot fast.

Disney Half

Took the shuttle again

Corrals: more organized because we were able to go directly to our corrals rather than gather in one spot then walk over to another spot like the 10k. I know that was due to the 5k starting first so somewhat understandable

I liked how we went through the two parks like the 10k so it was very scenic and fun at the beginning. When we exited out of the park it routed us towards the honda center so the sun was beaming in our faces for a few miles which was not fun at all. We ran around the Honda center and along the way they had classic cars which was pretty neat. After that we ran through the Angels Stadium with people cheering so was pretty motivating. After that we went back to the parks. The route was okay. Things that stood out was the run through the parks and the cars.

post race – love my medal and disney dumbo dare medal. Water and snacks provided just like before and again glad it started early.