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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by

Posted by: on September, 5 2013

To start out with a little background, I’m in my mid 40’s and I’ve only started running since 2006. However, I’m a “legacy” Disneyland Half’er and have been running them starting with the 2006 inaugural. This year, they offered a new 10K on Saturday, the day before the Half. In addition, if you sign up for and run both the 10K and the Half, you complete the Dumbo Double Dare. It’s a mini version of the Goofy’s Race and Half challenge in Florida. Knowing the Disney runs are more expensive, but wanting to challenge myself, I signed up for it.

Normally I would pick up the packet on Saturday, but since you have to use the same bib for both races (and there is no race day pickup), you MUST go to the expo on Friday. Most people (like myself) have to work, so 6-8pm was packed to the gills, and parking was challenging. However, Downtown Disney parking is free if you’re there for under two hours (big plus). Hopefully Disney will improve on this next year and allow packet pickups on Thursday as well.

The 10K was actually very enjoyable. Most of it is through the two parks, however about half of the course are boring backlots and an out-and-back to the Anaheim Convention Center. In my opinion they could expand the course within the parks, which is the entire draw of these races. Plenty of water stations were to be had. The weather this year was hot and humid, and I’m thankful for the 6:15am start time.

The Half ‘s course hasn’t changed much since 2006. Last year they added classic autos and muscle cars, which was a great idea – filling the gaps of some of the more boring parts of the Anaheim course from mile 6-9. Again, SO thankful for the earlier start time of 5:30am since it was muggy and already 74F. The sun kept threatening to break through the clouds, but didn’t until I was 2/3rd’s done.

The biggest neg for me was the cost. Not only did the Double Dare cost more than the 10K and Half combined (MORE than just an extra technical shirt and medal), but locals have to park in the Disney and Friends lot which is $16×2 races, another $32. The combined cost plus parking for the two-day event was a small fortune at $330.70. I liked the Double Dare, but I don’t like it $330 worth. I won’t be running it next year.