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Review of Disneyland Half Marathon by

Posted by: on September, 4 2013

Visited expo in the afternoon on Saturday and anticipated crowds. Took a little time to park but considering the size of this race and that I got there when I did I have no real complaints. Lines weren’t too bad…even though they separate the bib pick up from the shirt pick up. Lots of great vendors, got everything I went for. Nice to hang out in Downtown Disney for awhile after. Stayed at the Hilton nearby so planned on walking race morning.

Disney has the super early start time of 5:30 am and though getting up in the wee hours was a little tough I thanked heaven for it later. It was already hot at 4am. This was my first Disney Run so I was really impressed by the way the set up the corrals and its super cool that they stick to trying to be sure everyone gets in the right corral for their run time. Other big events really should be more diligent about this. The first 4 miles thru Disneyland and CA Adventure was really fun and crowd support through the entire race was amazing. From Disney peeps to Boy And Girl Scouts to the car clubs to all the school bands and cheerleaders…not to mention the Latin dancers…I dont think there is ever a stretch without someone. For all of those people to be out there that early and into the later part in the heat was pretty amazing. Especially since the mid part of the course is nothing spectacular.

Post race was well organized and uncluttered in my time group and overall smooth and easy.

I don’t know if I would do this run again just because of the overall expense and heat unless I am able to do the Dumbo Double Dare but I am glad to have done it!!