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Review of Dirty Girl Mud Run – Ventura by

Posted by: on June, 5 2013

Ugh! I signed up with a group of co-workers and friends thinking it would be lots of fun…I was wrong. Unless they change the venue and get organized, I will not be participating in this event again. The parking was just off the highway and you had to be shuttled to the KOA where the event was actually held. But, they only had a handful of buses running and you were lucky if you arrived early and only had to wait half an hour to get on a bus for a 15-20 minute ride to the KOA. Once there, you had to wait in line to pick up your bib and swag. T-shirt was pretty nice and merchandise available for purchase weren’t bad either. But, the parking and busing system was so bad that even though most of our team arrived in the parking lot within 15 minutes of each other, the line for the buses got longer and longer. We started 1.5 hours later than the wave time we signed up for because of the bus situation.

The course itself was okay. I wouldn’t really call it a “mud run” more like a “mud walk” as most of the course was along terrain that could break an ankle if you weren’t careful. There was probably less than a quarter of a mile stretch available for running along the entire course. The obstacles were fun but not set up in a way that properly accommodated the large numbers of people at one time.

The finish was okay but the cleanup/changing stations were terrible! A large stuffy tent with water hoses was what we got. Not to mention that there was no tarp laid out anywhere so the ground got muddy and clumpy and even though you hosed yourself off and got changed, you were still dirty. Half the people didn’t even bother rinsing off because the tent was so small and crowded so they got in the long line for the buses caked in mud. Way to respect the other participants who bothered attempting to get clean. Seriously, I’ve waited in shorter lines for rides at Disneyland than the line for these buses.

I wouldn’t recommend this event to anyone until they change venues and get more organized.