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Review of Diamond Lake Valley Marathon by

Posted by: on March, 2 2013

This is a small intimate trail run that circles the Diamond Valley Lake. Arrival as well as bib pick up was extremely easy and organized and super quick. Though you don’t get pre race emails and reminders and instructions everything you need is available on the website and getting there and checking in was seamless. All of the volunteers involved in this race as well as the participants are super friendly and accommodating.

The Full started on time at 8 am and the Half started an hour later. Here comes my only complaint of the entire event….with an 8am start on the Full and a 9am start on the half it got pretty warm at about 11am and I personally started to struggle a little in the heat. Moving the start times up a little would make a huge difference.

The course was beautiful. The trail was decently maintained and all in all it was a great run. The sense of community at this run was really cool. I would for sure do this run again next year and next time bring the rest of my running crew. They missed out this year!!!