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Review of Costume Party Run by

Posted by: on August, 26 2013

The costume party was. a. blast. I signed up with a deal and was so glad I did!

Packet pick up was simple, nothing crazy but easy.

Parking was SUPER easy. It was really nice not to be dropped off at a start line because of limited parking. Traffic getting in wasn’t bad either.

The best part of the race was the costumes! There were so many creative people! I really liked the out and back course because it gave everyone a chance to see the amazing things people had come up with. I HATED the parts looping around the parking lot but the organizers have since promised to adjust that the best they can. I trust them! The bands along the way were really cool and very involved with the runners. Good job all. Spectators were able to access pretty much anywhere along the course and they did.

The post race party was a riot. There was a great DJ (dressed as MC Hammer) and the organizer was there having a great time and meeting everyone. People were dancing and laughing and just having a good time. The news was even there. It was a great way to start a day.

This race is about having fun. The medal is off the wall awesome (and GIGANTIC) and it just emphasizes how crazy and fun this race was. Its easy to forgive the terrible course when it was so much fun anyway! Get your friends, get your costumes, and run this race!