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Review of Costume Party Run by

Posted by: on July, 10 2013

The Costume Run was a fun idea but holding the race in July meant there would be limited costume commitment from some runners. The costumes we saw were funny but at times not very creative – I guess there was a sale on Wonder Woman and Batman shirts. The packet pickup was easy at Road Runner Sports. The swag bag was non-existent (a hat and nothing more) Morning of the event, parking was a piece of cake and for a change, the stadium didn’t even charge us! The biggest issues was limited porta-potties (and NO toilet paper). There were at least 100 people still waiting to use the dozen bathrooms when the race started. For a race of 2500, that’s not nearly enough! We were told 15 minutes after start (while still waiting in line) that they were going to close the starting line so we had no choice but to rush out and get started. The bathrooms on the course were extremely limited as well. The course itself was great once you got out of the stadium but Friars Road has a tilt to it that’s not runner-friendly if you have weak ankles or knees. Running inside the stadium was a bit of a mess. The parking lot is broken and uneven and I’m sure there were a number of twisted ankles and missteps. Race Guards and medical aid were abundant. Water stations were plentiful and the volunteers were great! Inside the stadium, the cones marking the course weren’t as consistent as they could have been and the overall course showed as a 12.8 by my Garmin. The post-race party was cute but small. The medals were huge and were a big draw for this event. I’m glad I went and I like the medal but this isn’t a race I’ll need to do again. One and done.