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Review of Costume Party Run by

Posted by: on July, 10 2013

Simply the best time you could have while running 13.1 miles.
After not having ANY fun running the San Francisco Marathon a few weeks ago I was looking forward to having a fun race, not worrying about PR’s or proving anything. Costume Party Run was exactly what the doctor ordered.
Pre-Race: Woke up at 1:30am to make my way from home to the start. Picked up my packet the morning of. $10 to pick up race day vs. the $25 that most races charge. That was nice. Packet pick-up was easy. It sounded like they blew a fuse about 30 minutes prior to the race starting but that didn’t delay things AT ALL. Race started at exactly 6am.
The Course: Only about 2300 running the race so no corrals which was fine. The course was wide enough and this wasn’t an issue at all. There was a lot of running around the parking lot but this didn’t bother me too much. There were 2 or 3 live bands, at least 2 DJ’s so just when you stopped hearing one entertainer the next one was kicking in. Even at the end of the race passing by the same bands, they were still playing and having a great time. Some rolling hills on Friars road which was fine. In this kind of race it’s nice to have the loop course so you can see everybody’s costume.
Post Race: Had the best time. Normally I’m one to leave shortly after a race and make my way home. But I wasn’t ready to spend another 3 hours in the car right away. So glad I didn’t. The DJ was great, the band “Past Action Hero’s” was playing some of my favorite 80’s songs and even busted out some “Baby Got Back”. Had a great time talking with friends, having some fun. That’s what it’s all about.
Overall: This race was so fun. I can only see it growing in years to come and the costumes getting even more awesome!!!