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Review of Coronado Independence Day 5k & 15K by

Posted by: on July, 8 2014

I have run over 10 half marathons and numerous 10K and 5 K races (about 50) throughout California. This has been the most disorganized race I have run in a long time. 1) The TIME LIMIT was very poorly disclosed on the web page and the race info link during registration — gotta read that very very fine print before you register! For how to disclose a time limit SEE THE BIG SUR races. Their registration page makes a big bold statement. But then in fact the time limit was not actually enforced, with a number of 15 K runners coming in much beyond the supposed shut down time. SO DISCLOSE THE TIME LIMIT and then actually enforce the time limit or do away with it. 2). COURSE INFO was old blurry photocopy and not clear even to me who was somewhat familiar with the area. I often run essentially THIS course just for a fun vacation run when in Coronado, so this seemed to be a great opportunity to find a flat course (after Mammoth!) and maybe hit a sweet spot between the 10K distance and the 13.1 Half distance. Even though I was somewhat familiar with the area the course map was inadequate. Should have a google map type expandable, searchable course or a video of the course or even just a turn by turn pdf. This was the worse course map I have ever dealt with at any race, OK it is a fairly easy course … 3) THE START Tidelands Park is a big wide field and while it was not impossible to find where the start was — it was not marked , nor was the area for T shirt pick up etc. SIGNS are a very useful concept, race directors. Once I found the start ( 3 out of 4 volunteers had no idea which corner of the park to head toward.) there is NO WAVE or NO CORRAL start. Not even signs saying 7 min pace here , 8 min pace here etc. So you have a wide grassy field which then chokes down to a narrow pedestrian path. There were many collisions even among those of us at the back of the pack just because it went form very wide to very narrow. POST RACE had plenty of water and electrolytes and bars and bananas. Muscle Milk and Lara Bars. Post race awards were again NOT MARKED WHERE to find results, get awards etc. 5K was limited to only the top 2 in the age groups — why be so chinsy if you want to encourage runners to participate at all ages. If this is designed as an elites only race then advertise it that way. To this mid pack runner it felt very much as if I was not really welcome to be participating. I won’t be again. .