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Review of Conquer The Bridge 5K Run by

Posted by: on April, 6 2013

This is race is one of kind and it was such a crazy challenge. Get as close to the front of the start as possible if you a running. A ton of people walk this race and have no clue about proper race etiquette and that other people may not want to try and jump curbs to get around the and there friends walking 5 wide. I ran with my camera in my hand so that I could take pics and not have to stop To my surprise they came out pretty well. The hardest part about the race is not going over the bridge the first time or even the second time. It is the incline leading up to the turn around. I am not sure why this is but I heard the same thing from other runners too. Take water with you because Cal Trans will not allow a water station on the bridge. Post race left a lot to be desired, The lines were really long for a banana and water. The t-shirts were a little obnoxious so I don’t; wear mine but overall it is a great race for the price.