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Review of Conejo Valley Half Marathon, 5/10K by Dan Anthony

Posted by: on October, 15 2012

The course was quite hilly which provided a nice challenge. Roads were monitored by CHP quite thoroughly and there was little reason to be concerned with traffic as the course was well cone-d and marked. Mile markers and turnarounds were clearly marked. There was a large map at the start of the race that was spot on and packet pickup was easy and quick. Parking was ample and only about 100′ away from the start/finish area.

There weren’t very many volunteers so the hydration stations were largely un-manned but set out at the appropriate points and there were plenty of pre-filled cups. It was pretty warm day and combine that with the hills and an electrolyte/performance drink would have been nice.

The race was fairly intimate with only about 150 runners across all distances with the vast majority doing the half-marathon. This took any pre-race jitters away as everyone was real friendly and casual. I had a good time and the fact that it ran through my neighborhood was a bonus. I will definitely do this again next year as it is rare for a local road race to be this challenging.