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Review of Coaster Run 5K, 10K, Kids Camp Snoopy Run by

Posted by: on April, 6 2013

I really enjoyed this race. The course through the park was awesome and it was a super breezy run. The ground was wet in a few areas but nothing that looked slippery. A heard people complain about the water station locations because they were closer to mile 2 outside of the park before you enter Soak City. I always bring my own so it wasn’t an issue for me. I thought the waves were pretty well organized. I was in the 2nd wave and it seemed as if the majority of people in that wave could actually run that pace and I didst see and walkers in my wave.That was a really nice change. The course bottle necks in a couple spots but that was to be expected. The t-shirts were super cool and I actually bought an extra one. The quality was much better than most race shirts. The pie at the end was a nice treat and I really love the cool medal. The only thing I wish they would change is marking the front of the bibs. I understand why they did it but it would be nice if the put graffiti on the back of the bibs and not the front. I will defiantly run again next year.