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Review of Carlbad 5000 Worlds Fastest 5K by gregoryx

Posted by: on May, 27 2012

It’s hard to beat the Carlsbad 5000 for a competitive 5K. It’s on my “every year, no matter what” list.

With races for so many categories – and separated men and women – it’s full-on competitive: whoever is next to me is either my age or older and I better throw down or get beat.

The course is NOT a “world’s fastest 5K course.” It’s the prize money that brings the talent and thus the times; not the course. The Magic Shoe 5K in Newport Beach is faster – every time; and I’m sure there are other courses that are flatter and less susceptible to wind. This year’s wind made the run a bit tougher than last year, for example.

The after-festivities are the best of any 5K I’ve seen. And sticking around to watch the true world-class elites come in at near-world-record paces is unreal.