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Review of Carlbad 5000 Worlds Fastest 5K by adriana48

Posted by: on February, 19 2012

Since 2009 I’ve been running all 5 races, what they call “Endurance 25K”. This is one of the events I enjoy the most. Parking may be difficult, so if you are not from the area, I would get a motel walking distance, and in the morning just walk to the race (there are two Motel 6 on the same street of the event). The organization is excellent: they are very much on time in all the races. Great music, awesome food, and lots! Bear garden can’t be better. The whole city is at the event. If you do all races it’s very easy to go back to the start after every one; they have a reserved area for 25 K runners, with extra food and drinks, first aid, sunblock, and volunteers take really good care of you. Even though you run the same 3.1 miles course 5 times, you join a different group of runners. It is so much fun being an older lady running with a bunch of young guys in the 30s. At the end of all races yu get to pick up your 25K special medal at a designated location, which is a beautiful mall where you can treat yourself to a delicious lunch. I highly recommend it!