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Review of Camarillo Marathon, Half Marathon by talkrun

Posted by: on January, 11 2012

I really want to love this race. This is my second year doing the Camarillo Half Marathon. Both years I travelled with my track team, Gritty City Track Club (www.grittycitytrackclub.com) and we expected a fast, flat course.

Well we got the flat course. This year, it wasn’t as fast due to gusting winds. And the organization was immensely better than last year’s “debacle” (lack of volunteers, not enough portable toilets, etc).

But while better than the F of last year, I can’t give this course anything better than a C for now. Still have to downgrade the race for not delivering on things promised (change of course, food trucks at finish line) and having to reschedule the race which threw off many runners training schedules.

Don’t plan to do this race again unless I hear that it has truly turned a corner. Hoping it does, but not holding my breath.