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Review of Camarillo Marathon, Half Marathon by

Posted by: on January, 13 2014

Full disclaimer, I received a free entry to this race thanks to RaceGrader. Another disclaimer, I had run NYRLA the evening before this race so it was a really bad race for me personally. As such, I decided to wait a week to write my review instead of just writing it without thinking.

Pre-Race: As with all Elite Sports Events, easy pick-up. Picked up my packet on Saturday, great coupon for Sports Authority.

Post Race: Plenty of snacks, a few vendors, fitting for such a small race.

Course: This is where my problem lies with this race. I’m a Camarillo resident, I’ve lived here for 11 years. I’ve run pretty much every road in this town since I started running 4 years ago. This city has a LOT to offer, the course for this race shows none of it. Our beautiful old-town, beautifully landscaped roads, the outlets and more. None of this is featured in the race.
I get that the reason the course is the way it is is two-fold: To keep prices down (which we all appreciate) and what the city will give the race organizers. The city of Camarillo is notoriously bad with working with Race Directors.
That said, I really wish the RD’s would try and figure out some kind of middle-ground. The entire course is through fields except the last 2 miles which is in an airport industrial park. Not to mention the MOST DEPRESSING finish ever right by the Ventura County Animal Shelter. Seeing the animal control officers out there cleaning out empty cages as you are struggling to finish a race is very hard to run past and ignore. I felt like stopping and taking them all home. If the course needs to stay the same, maybe there should be an adoption day given the start/finish location.
I can come up with a better 13.1 course in 5 minutes and that wouldn’t have a huge impact on roads and freeway entrances.