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Review of Camarillo Marathon, Half Marathon by

Posted by: on January, 9 2014

This was my first time running in Camarillo, and I ran the full marathon. I knew it was flat, and had heard that it could be windy. Now I’m inclined to believe it may always be windy there. As others have said, it was pretty windy. But let me start from the beginning. I arrived early, because I live almost 90 minutes away and didn’t want to make the drive out twice. I ran the Surfer’s Point Half put on by the same people two months ago, so I knew they’d be organized enough, which they were. I was a little sad to see that the reusable bags they were handing out were not for the Camarillo race. I saw people receiving ones that said “Surfer’s Point” on them (which I have one already!) the one that I got is for some 5K (sorry, can’t remember which). I didn’t take a look at the shirt that they gave me, which I now know is the MENS size and not the womens (or maybe they didn’t have them!?) So that’s a bit disappointing, because it is waaayyy too big for me. Because there are so few runners, the porta potty lines weren’t long, and the race started on time. I knew that the course was flat and around farmland. It was fine; I personally don’t mind. But I did notice that around mile 3-4 or so, I was surprised that we were running on open roads. It wasn’t until we returned on that same path for mile 10 or so that it was coned off…Maybe they didn’t cone off the road until after the marathon started?! I ran on the shoulder, so it was fine with me, but I did notice someone up ahead running in the middle of the road, where a truck had to go around her…Hardly any spectators on the course until you get back around the starting area, but it’s to be expected for a small race. There was plenty of water, and the volunteers were all pretty friendly. Maybe it’s because I finished the marathon just over 4.5 hrs, but there wasn’t anything but cups of water and some oranges. Didn’t see anything else like muscle milk (which I read on another review?) Again, pretty low key, so I stayed and stretched and then headed on home. Would I run it again?! Maybe. If I got a good deal on the registration, I think I would. The wind is tough though..