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Review of Breath of Life Triathlon Ventura by

Posted by: on August, 26 2013

This was a very well run and very thought out race. It was well done with thought going out to the beginner triathlete as well as the seasoned competitor.

It was simple enough. Just by the transition staging area, they had a tent set up where you would pick up your packet. Not a whole lot to do – and nothing outside of a course map to indicate that it was a part of the event – but you can’t expect a whole lot here.

I actually give the course an B-. The bike loops had the potential to be confusing with how they intertwined, but the real killer for the bike course was the narrow section of road on one of the “turn legs”. This did a bunch of things – including causing a draft fest to happen, increasing the potential for accidents and wrecks, and slowing down competitors who are on their second or third loop (and behind people who were just going incredibly slow). Also – due to the looped course – there was course cutting happening. The swim course was just fine and the wave starts really worked well. The run was a simple out and back and scenic and supported enough where it was really enjoyable.

Post race was outstanding and gets an A+. Enough for athletes and spectators to do alike and lots of great food (with a BBQ!). Can’t ask for a whole lot more.

Overall, a great race. Transition was set up nicely and the staff running the event were all helpful. Very well done. This is a great Olympic race in the LA area! I’ll be back next year.