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Review of Brea 8K by gregoryx

Posted by: on May, 27 2012

Super great race. Well organized, very competitive, and tons of swag and festivities.

This race continues to draw strong talent, making it a fast run if you like having someone to “play” with.

They do a pretty good job of getting people to start closer to their pace time than some races of this size – though certainly not as well organized as a huge marathon or half with well-run corrals. Getting out in the front to be traffic-free is probably a good idea (if you’ll be there after the first half mile is done).

The new course (reversed, basically) was probably better in terms of the mess of crossing paths and stuff from the past course; but I suffered a little more on the long, gradual hill than I did on the short, steep one of the old course. Still ran it a LOT faster than last year, so don’t think it is necessarily slower… but it hurt.

Music, food, and more at the finish. One of my favorite races – on my “must do” every year.