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Review of Brea 8K by cfairing

Posted by: on February, 28 2012

Ran my first 8k yesterday at the Brea 8k. The race had some solid hills, but the last two mile allowed for all downhill, which was really nice. The after-party expo was like no other. Since the race is right next to the mall, all the vendors come out in support. There was BJ pizza, hot dog on a stick, panera bread, jamba juice, corner bakery, mexican food and so much more. I did not see clothing vendors, but there was tons of food! No medals or ribbons, but organized and a good course overall. Only thing that was a downfall was that I had to register the same day, and they only took cash. I had to run a half mile back to my car, run to the bank across the street, then a half mile back to pay. Was stressful and I wish I had notice that cards would not be accepted. Also i had difficulty finding where to pick up my goodie bag – which was by the finish line, but not where the rest of the expo was.