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Review of Big Rock Triathlon by The Bear

Posted by: on April, 14 2012

I did the Olympic version of the race. There is also a sprint tri, and a race where the bike route is offroad, which looked fun. This is a small race, but I enjoyed it. There were some pretty seasoned competitors there, which surprised me. The event was well orginized and small. I had no problems with getting to where I needed to be and get my registration stuff. It was kind of nice not to swim with 50 to 100 other people around you. The swim was two loops for the olympic. I would have rather swim a really long way than two loops. I am not much into loops, but it was ok. The bike course is along an open road that was kind of scary when cars are going by at 50 miles an hour, but I typically stay along the river trails when I train on the bike. There were plenty of cops at the intersections to stop the traffic, and they did a great job. Again, they have a two loop thing for the olympic bike, whatever. The run, which is my favorite event, was along a trail and then over the dam. No loop and I really enjoyed the scenery, so I was happy. They offer a hamburger and chips at the end, which was nice. Overall I really enjoyed myself. I will do that one again. The price was good. It really is a nice, no frills race to get the season started.