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Review of Big Rock Triathlon by jsteen00

Posted by: on April, 4 2012

I have done this race 3 times, and am planning #4 in 04/12.

This is a nice, local race. It is a good choice for beginners, since the number is competitors is relatively low, so it isn’t as intimidating as larger events.

The event schedule usually includes the Olympic distance, sprint distance and a mountain bike tri. Typically, all races start together in the swim waves.

If you can, register the day before. It’s just easier, one less thing to worry about on race morning. Parking is $10, so carpool if you can. Some lots have restricted exit times because of the race.

Lake Perris is a nice calm lake. Whether it’s April or October, water temps for this race seem to be at least 70 (just a guess). Rectangle swim, with four large buoys. Two laps for Oly distance.

it’s a long run up the ‘beach’ and across some grass to the transition area

for the Olympic distance, it’s 2 loops. Most of the bike portion is on city streets. All of the intersections are monitored by police officers, but you still need to be careful, since you’re sharing the road with cars. Really only two hills on each loop. One is smaller, and not too far out of T1. The second hill is before you come back into the park. It’s maybe 6% to 8%, but not horribly long. Road conditions are generally good. Some rough sections within the park area.

nice, flat, out and back. It’s on a path along the lake. 2 water aid stations, plus a few bathrooms along the way.

hamburgers and hot dogs for all racers. There’s usually a few vendors/exhibitors there too.

Results are posted pretty quick afterwards too.