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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – San Diego by Savannah Anderson

Posted by: on October, 29 2012

My recap:
Pre-race: I arrived at the event early enough to find parking. I waited in my car then joined hundreds of others in the entertainment/vendor area. There were so many people dressed in 80s costume it was soooo awesome! I noticed there was a lot of traffic.. sucks for the people who waited till the last minute to arrive. The energy was great! Lots of friendly people!!

Course: BEAUTIFUL course.. nice and flat. Running with a bunch of other people in 80s costume was great! If you are looking for a competitive run, this is not the event. This a more like a FUN event! 🙂
Plenty of water on the course.. There was even 3 DJs on the course!!

Post Race: PAST ACTION HEROES was AWESOME!! Loved the energy at the post race party.. lots of dancing, entertainment and FREEBIES!!!!!

Overall: One of the best 5ks I have ran in a long time.. I didnt care about my finishing time, I was just there to have a good time with my friends. Superhero Events knows how to throw great events and I will always support Ken and Sabrina. They really know how to take care of their participants and make them feel special. PLUS they give out the BEST medals! HOORAY for the 80s!!!!