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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – Pasadena by Masely

Posted by: on September, 4 2012

I will never run in a Superh«ro Events, LLC event again. I’ve run a few other races at the Rose Bowl, so I’m familiar with how a race should work at this venue. The lack of water during and after the race was inexcusable and negligent. One station at mile 1.5 for a 5K is manageable. But for the 10K runners, this means they had to run 4 miles with no water in 90 degree heat. This was dangerous and negligent. I’m a casual runner but even I know the start was far too late. 8:30 was the advertised start time for the 5K. The first wave didn’t leave until almost 9am, as the temperature kept rising. My wave did not go out for another 20 mins and the only explanation we got was that the Pasadena PD was holding the waves back in order to clear the roads. By the time my wave went out the first 5K racers were coming to the finish and it was at least 85 degrees. Bad planning. The organizers did not do their homework with the Rose Bowl and Pasadena PD. They seemed more concerned with the “party” atmosphere than the actual race.

By the time the 10K runners started, they’d run out of cups at the one and only water station on the course, and they were forced to cup their hands to get water. There’s no excuse for this. I’ve read some reviews of the Hollywood Half Marathon that Superhero Events put on and they had the same issues with water there.

This company spent a small fortune on the finisher medal and not enough time or money on the actual point of the whole day, the race.