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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – Pasadena by Martinvan

Posted by: on September, 4 2012

Pre-race: Packet pick up was easy. I wish it had been in a hotel lobby rather than in the late afternoon Rose Bowl parking lot heat. There was free parking so I am giving them a “D” grade here instead of an “F.”

Race Day: Race morning was a disaster. The both races should have begun at 7:00-7:30 am. Unfortunately race organizers (Ken Kwadike Jr) decided it would be better to start around 9-10:00 am. I didn’t see much organization or management from Ken & Co (aka Super Hero Events LLC). Late summer/ early Autumn Pasadena is really hot and gets there fast. So it is very important to get the event moving on time. Mr. Kwadike, dressed in a Michael Jackson costume, told us on the stage near the start line the Pasadena Police would not let the race start and that there were too many runners on the course. This was not his fault. Really? I have run races on this course in the past. I don’t believe Mr. Kwadike’s excuses for his actions showed the beginnings of a poor management style, lack of professionalism and immaturity. I have been in races were the same number of people were started quickly and efficiently. This was the first race I have been in that there was no separation for faster/slower runners. There were instances where people pushing baby carriages started the race before runners. I was one of those frustrated runners (there were many of us) who watched as Mr. Kwadike danced on stage listening to music as runners waited. Then he vanished. I assumed it was because he could not handle the situation. When the crowd got too much for him, Mr. Kwadike was no longer on the microphone and was nowhere to be found. My impression of the pre-race activities was that Super Hero Events was a group of deejays seeking to play music and hopefully the race would work out.

Course: This was the standard 5k/10k Rose Bowl loop course. I have run several races on it before. The water ran out in the 90 degree heat before most of us got to the water table. I am assuming that it was not Mr. Kwadike’s fault rather it was the volunteers outside of his organization.

Post-race: There were no answers from organizers. Negative posts of the “Awesome 80s Pasadena Run” were removed. I have personally left several messages on Super Hero Events voice mail with no follow up from Mr. Kwadike.

Overall: This was an excellent race concept. The individuals who organized and managed this event are not. I consider them hacks and should feel lucky that nobody was seriously injured because of the lack of event management related to the high heat and little water. I expected 80s cover bands and got recorded music. Ok, not a big thing. I expected an early morning cool run (the time was moved up several times) and got a hot run tying not to pass out because of the heat and lack of water.