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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – Pasadena by Jessica Walsh

Posted by: on September, 3 2012

Pre-Race: The only reason that Pre-race receives a D and not an F is that parking was a breeze, and FREE! It was incredibly easy to get in and out and parking was close to the start/finish so that was nice. Other Pre-Race issues, first packet pick up was only available from 11am – 5pm on Friday the day before. I dont know if i’m the only person who works 9-5 but there was no way that would work for me, or my running buddy joining me on this race. We both had to go to day of pickup, a pain.

There are no signs, no guidance, and the staff working did not have any type of uniform to show you who they were. We were standing around by the start when someone notified us we were in the race line – runners from the 5k started coming in and weaving in between 10k people and 5krs that hadnt started yet. There was no way to hear the announcers and it was 92 degrees at 9:45 so over an hour after start time we finally just lined up and asked those around us if they were doing the 10k. they were so we just started with them. What a MESS. If you are going to start a race in the BLAZING heat an hour+ late, at least have water around for people!!

Course: The course was a bit messy. It was not a closed course, as advertised, so if you wanted to pass someone you had to be prepared to play chicken with on-coming traffic. You had to be stopped so cars could exit the parking lots (completely messing up your groove) and the start/finish were the same place, so you had to weave in and out of other people when trying to get to your second lap. And.. here comes my BIGGEST problem with this race – there was NO WATER on the course – everyone was running to a water fountain on a nearby gold course, ridiculous. First station was just empty, second had water but no cups, third had cups but no water, and that was just it for the 10k. Hopefully no one suffered severe dehydration as temperatures pushed 100 degrees. This is apparently a common problem for “superhero events” as they did the Hollywood 1/2 and ran out of water then too.

Post-race: After a long hot run in the sun without water, we were dehydrated and looking for something more than water to help us bounce back – everything was gone. no snacks, no naked coconut water as promised, everything was just gone – apparently snatched up by fun runners and 5k runners. We were able to find some last bits of water and ration a bit out, but it was ridiculous.

Overall, i am very disappointed that this was my first 10k. I knew going into this that it was a for-profit race, but the lack of guidance or signs on the course, the fact that there were missing all but the mile 1 mile marker, and just the general chaos made this race a complete rip off. I’m so thankful racegrader exists so i can prevent even one person from wasting their money on this event.

oh, and if medals are your thing, this one was heavy and fancy looking. i took one as it was my first race, but my running buddy past citing how much lead heavy material it must contain. I guess the medal is where my money went – the “swag bag” was just a tshirt in a drawstring bag with about 20 pieces of paper advertisements.