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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – Pasadena by Caroline

Posted by: on September, 11 2012

Never again. So done with this RD and Superheroes Events. Should have known better after Hollywood Half fiasco.

ok. Course is the only thing that gets a B because well it was the Rose Bowl. I like running that loop. I dont like double loop though.

Everything else was a MESS.
Late start that started late….almost 10 am for the 10K. It was over 90 degrees out. Ridiculous. Race Director blaming the city, the police, everyone except him. Kept telling us to “be patient”.
The start was a mess.
No order…5k started BEFORE 10K…makes no sense to me
winners crossing the finish line before everyone had a chance to actually start the race.
NO WATER for 10K runners. In this heat it is dangerous to not plan for that. and no the runners should not have to carry bottles for a 10k. there should be at least 1 station WITH water and cups. WE PAY for these races. it is not like training on our own. Post race was also terrible, no water, nothing.

It was not a race, it was a party. The focus was on costumes and music not the runners. I can see walkers liking this event but for runners it was a nightmare.

the race director handled the honest comment very poorly after the race. Cannot accept any comments other than “it was great” “we had fun”. he takes everything way too personal and is not professional. I think he is great at planning a party but not a race. I will not do any of their events again. RD sent me some emails after the race that were out of line. He forgets that we are the CUSTOMERS.

Safe to say that I will not run this one again.