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Review of Awesome 80’s Run – Pasadena by Bailey K. Moreno

Posted by: on September, 6 2012

I was incredibly disappointed by this race, and more by the people who organized it (Ken Kwadike Jr. and Superhero Events, LLC). First of all, why did the 5k start before the 10k? Any race organizer with brains knows that you always start the longer race first, and early. It is summer in Pasadena for crying out loud, who starts a 5k at 8:30 and a 10k at 9? However, due to lack of communication with the Pasadena PD, the 5k didn’t start until almost 9, and the 10k didn’t go off until practically 10. Ken blamed it on the PPD, saying that they said that there were too many people on the couse, and this delay was in no way his fault. BULL!!!!!!!!! If he had gotten the proper permits and coordinated with the PPD properly, this would not have happened. I was in the third wave of 10kers, and I didn’t cross the start line until 9:55. Furthermore, when we got to the water station, there were no cups, and the last jug of water was drops away from being empty. I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon back in April, and they had the same issues with water and cups. I forgave Ken because it was the first event that Ken coordinated, and I didn’t think he could screw up that badly again, but, he managed to screw up worse. The lack of water caused my mom, my aunt, and myself to drop the 10k and go down to the 5k. And when my aunt went up to Ken, to tell him about the issues (such as no water), he blamed everything on other people and basically called her a liar to her face (by saying that there was water). Not cool. Also, when I, and others, posted on the facebook page for this event, complaining about the issues, Ken deleted them, and then lied about it. I personally got blocked from the page, and when my mom called her on it, he said that wasn’t true. However, another guy commented on my mom’s post, saying it was, and Ken then proceeded to block them both. If he thought he could block bad publicity by deleting posts, he is mistaken. It just makes everyone think he’s a complete jerk. All I wanted was an apology, and Ken wasn’t even decent enough to give me that. I will never again do a race by Superhero Events, LLC.
But, now for some positives. Fun theme, it was great to see everyone dressed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Packet pick-up was a breeze. That is it for the positives.
Seriously Ken, you should not be a race coordiantor if you are not willing to admit that yu messed up, if you would just say “I’m sorry” than you would seem less rude, but now everyone thinks you are an incredibly rude little man who can’t own up to anything. Saying that you can take the criticism is a big fat lie, because you can’t. I never said anything negative about you, just about the race, and you deleted my facebook posts. If you really can take the criticism, apologize for your mistakes, and email everyone who’s posts you deleted with an apology for being a jerk.