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Review of Arroyo Creek Half Marathon by

Posted by: on August, 19 2013

Great race along the Arroyo Creek bike path. Most of the trail was under tree cover and the early start provided perfect conditions for running. The course is basically flat; however, you do have some short hills when the bike path crosses a street. The bike path is paved and most of the track has a dirt area on the side that is ideal for those looking for a softer running surface. These little hills can be a beast in the last couple of miles. All street crossing were well controlled by the Simi Valley PD. There were two prerace pick up locations. The race had pace leaders who were easy to spot…tee-shirt, sign and sparkly outfits. The race site had ample parking and the park at the starting location had actual flushing toilets. Of course there was a line at the women’s side prerace, but you could almost walk right into the porta-podies. Post race was great, bagels, bananas, oranges, water, Gatorade were all provided. And so was a free post-race massage. My only complaint was that there was no one there to give me my finishers medal at the end…I had to walk over to a table and pick it up. Personally, I like it when someone hangs the medal on my next after I am done. Otherwise a perfect race.