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Review of A Run Through Redlands by

Posted by: on May, 1 2013

I ran the half marathon this year. My friend and I picked up our race bibs the morning of the race, which was a breeze to do. There was also plenty of parking (but then again, we got there pretty early just to be safe). Finding where the START line was took a little bit (had to look on the hand-drawn map posted online) but it’s a small race, so it wasn’t that big a deal. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot due to the fact that it’s a small race, so I wasn’t disappointed at the lack of a goodie bag and that the post race was merely water/juice and oranges plus a lot of vendors hawking their goods.

Now onto the race/course:
The first half of the course was pretty hilly, so it was a challenge. I always carry my own water, so I didn’t really worry too much when we got through a residential area where it seemed as if there were no water stations for maybe 2 miles? The weather was slated to be hot, and it was hot. My biggest suggestion would be to start the half marathon EARLIER than 7:30am! How about a 6am start? That would work well with the potential heat.

I was fortunate enough to PR, so I can’t say that it was bad. =)

Would I run this race again? Maybe. If they move up the start time, I’d really consider it. The registration fees are really affordable, even up until almost a week before race day. It’s a bit of a drive for me (1 hour) so I’d have to think about that too. It was a great training run for me; I’m running the OC marathon.