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Review of A Run Through Redlands by AshRatesRaces

Posted by: on April, 27 2012

If you’re a slower runner, this race is not for you. the volunteers I actually saw were amazing. However, they were told to pack up and leave when MOST not all but most runners had passed by. (And I wasn’t even last.) There were people far enough behind me that we couldn’t even see them and I saw water stops being taken down. The slowest people went miles and miles with no water, and the signage started to be taken down as well.
If you’re not slow, by all means, rock this race. The volunteers are wonderful and the course was SUPER supported at first. But, fall to a slower pace (even if you’re WELL within the time limit) and you’re basically on your own going through random residential neighborhoods. Hope you don’t get hurt because NOBODY is checking on you – no water, no volunteers, no policeman or cyclist even riding around to make sure the back of the pack is okay.